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Our commercial strategy is based on strong partnerships with importers, distributors, retailers and online shops. This webpage is a repository of useful information about Bugsolutely and Cricket Pasta. Please contact us혻for our wholesale prices and terms.

Product information

– English (PDF)
– Dutch (PDF)
– French (PDF)
– German (PDF)
– Italian (PDF)
– Japanese (PDF)
– Korean (PDF)
– Russian (PDF)
– Spanish (PDF)

– Nutritional evaluation혻(LINK)
– Nutrition facts (PDF)
– number of crickets in a package:혻770

Certifications and tests

– Bacteriological test (JPG)
– Thai FDA (JPG)
– Factory HACCP (IMG)
– Bacteriological test after 180 days혻(PDF)

– Certificate of Manufacturer (JPG)

Our supplier’s names have been removed from the documents (full disclosure reuquires an NDA). Certificate of Origin and Production flow chart are available on demand.혻



Product. Cricket Pasta package: 9×16 cm,혻height 14.5 cm. Weight: 422혻g

Carton box for shipments: 48.5×34.5 cm, height 32.5 cm. One carton box contains혻20 products, for a혻total weight of혻9140혻g.
18 carton boxes equal 1 cubic meter. About 500 carton boxes fit혻a 20 ft container.


cricket pasta iconA photo gallery of our Cricket Pasta. Click here for photos of the pasta and the package. High resolution also available (downloadable single zipped file).

You are free to use for blogs, articles, posts.

Please contact us if you need more photos or higher resolutions.


package icon Cricket PastaThe standard package is in English. US (default) or EU nutrition facts labels. The left side has a large empty space for distributor?셲 stickers. Reprinting is possible starting from 2,000 units.

Our standard policy is to avoid private labeling or re-branding because Bugsolutely is constantly investing in marketing communication and brand awareness. Please contact us for details or for co-marketing activities. For a larger image of the package, European Union version, click here. US version please click here.

Company and trademark


A brief (2 pages) profile of Bugsolutely, the Cricket Pasta product and the target market.
(please visit also our media section for press releases).

If you want to have a look at our press coverage, find here the most relevant articles.

– USA (pending) (PNG)
– Thailand (reg.) (JPG)
– Germany (pending) (PDF)
– Italy (pending)


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