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Bugsolutely launched Cricket Pasta??in January 2016 and here you can find a selection of articles on both professional and consumer media. If you are a journalist or a blogger, please visit our press page to get relevant material for your article. Please contact us if you find news about us and they are not listed here.

Food Navigator

Food navigator article about Cricket Pasta
“Mamma mia! Thai insect company puts s- bug-hetti on the pasta menu”
By RJ Whitehead – 21 Jan 2016

MEDIA: Food Navigator is a key publication by William Reed Business Media, a leading publisher of혻 information in industries including: food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, science. Their websites and newsletters reach over 300,000 executives worldwide.

Food and Wine

Food and Wine article - Cricket PastaARTICLE:
“Cricket Pasta Is Packed Full of Bug-Flour Goodness”
By Mike Pomranz – 22 Jan 2016


MEDIA: FWx by Time Inc. is a new food publishing initiative under the Food & Wine brand. Designed responsively with smartphones in mind, has a heavy emphasis on content related to eating and going out.

New Food

New Food Magazine on Cricket PastaARTICLE:
“Bugsolutely launches innovative pasta made from crickets”
By Victoria White – 8 January 2016

“Cricket pasta ??the edible insect revolution is served”
By Karen Li – 22 February 2016

MEDIA: regularly examining the new developments within the European food and beverage industry, New Food magazine (print and on line versions) is the leading bi-monthly essential reading for almost 14,000 decision makers.


ShopperBase on Cricket Pasta (Media)
“Bug App챕tit! Could Cricket Pasta be the new superfood?”
By Janey Davies – 21 Jan 2016

MEDIA: ShoppersBase was launched in May 2011 and has been growing steadily by publishing relevant, unbiased and wide-ranging consumer information, news and trends covering lifestyles, fashion, retail brands, travel, health, family, shopping & technology.worldwide.


L'Entomofago on Cricket Pasta (Media)ARTICLE:
“Bugsolutely: Pasta with cricket flour”
By Lorenzo Pezzato – 12 Jan 2016


MEDIA: An Italian-based communication project about the possibilities offered by edible insects in food and gastronomy, economic and social, medical and pharmaceutical, environmental and industrial branch.


The Daily Meal

The Daily Meal on Cricket Pasta (media)ARTICLE: “Edible Insect Processor Bugsolutely Launches Cricket Pasta”
By Abigail Abesamis – 21 Jan 2016


Food Magazine

Food Magazine on Cricket Pasta (media)ARTICLE:
“Bugsolutely Delicious Pasta”
25 Jan 2016

Cool Things

Cool Things on Cricket Pasta (media)ARTICLE:
“Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta Offers A Not-So-Gross Way To Eat Bugs”
25 Jan 2016

Food Republic

Food Republic (media) on Cricket PastaARTICLE ” Pasta Made With Crickets Hops On The Shelves
By Jess Kapadia – 9 Feb 2016

MEDIA:혻 Food Republic aims to be the global hub for news and information about the new culture of food across a multitude of media platforms. Food Republic.com reaches more than one million unique monthly visitors and features advertising from top food, drink and lifestyle brands. The site also produces events around the U.S.

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter on Cricket Pasta (media)ARTICLE:
“Cricket Flour Pastas”
By David Ingram – 23 Jan 2016

Food Trade Trends

Food Trde Trend (media) Cricket PastaARTICLE:
“Thai company marketing Cricket Pasta”
17 Jan 2016

FTT (Ireland)

FTT on Cricket Pasta (media)ARTICLE: “Introducing: Cricket Pasta”
By Mark Murphy, 16 Feb 2016


Horeca Trends

Horecatrends.com Cricket Pasta (media)ARTICLE:
“Bugsolutely, pasta made of crickets”
By Bram Kosterik – 22 Feb 2016

BBC Radio 4

BBC screnshot Cricket PastaAUDIO:
“Farm Safety, Rural Broadband, Pasta made from Crickets!”
By Charlotte Smith – BBC Radio 4

Food Ingredients First

Cricket Pasta on Food Ingredients First (media)“Bugsolutely Launches “Superfood” Cricket Pasta, as Edible Insect Trend Develops”
By Elizabeth Kenward – 9 March 2016


Food News International

Food News Internationals (media) on Cricket PastaARTICLE:
“Americas: Company releases pasta made with cricket flour”
By FNI Editorial team – 21 Mar 2016

Whizz Pop Bang

Whizz Pop Bang (media) on Cricket PastaARTICLE:
Kid?셲 Science Magazine – ‘Whizz Pop Bang’ – Launches Campaign to Get Families Eating Cricket Pasta
By Rachael Tapping
14th March 2016


The Examiner


“Cricket Pasta by Bugsolutely is a culinary adventure: Review”
By Inga Aksamit – 1 April 2016


The BOB & TOM Show

Tom, Chick, Al Jackson, Nicole Pence and the Gang try Cricket Pasta
US Radio broadcast ??7 April

Huffington Post

Huffington Post Cricket Pasta

“Weird earth day products you can’t refuse us – Pasta Made From Cricket Flour
By David Moye – 22 Apr 2016


Q Food

Q Food Magazine on Cricket Pasta“Fancy Some Pasta? Why not make it chirpy?”
April 2016


Popular Science

Popular science articleARTICLE:
“We ate pasta made out of crickets.
How does fusilli made out of혻powdered insects혻compare to traditional pasta?”
By Brooke Borel –혻May 28, 2016

National Geographic

”혻Chefs Make a Tasty Case for Eating Bugs”
By혻Tracie McMillan –혻June 3, 2016


Edinburgh Foody

“What?셲 in your pasta? Seaweed and crickets.”
By혻 Caroline von Schmalensee –혻June 27, 2016


Food Ingredients First

“SPECIAL REPORT: Insects as a Sustainable Protein Source”
By Elizabeth Kenward –혻June 27, 2016

other languages/countries

Tabasco Hoy (Mexico)

TabascoHoy on Cricket Pasta
“Enriquecen pasta con grillos”
January 22, 2016

OKezone (Indonesia)

Okezone on Cricket Pasta (media)ARTICLE:
“Ini Dia Pasta dari Jangkrik”
By Dinno Baskoro – 23 Jan 2016




Kedem (Russia)

Kedem on Cricket Pasta (media)ARTICLE:
“?逵克逵?棘戟? ?棘 ?勻筠??克逵劇龜” (Pasta with crickets)
By Olga Borodina – 3 February 2016


Smacota (Russia)

Smacota on Cricket Pasta (media)
“? 龜逵龜剋逵戟畇筠 極?棘畇逵?? 劇逵克逵?棘戟? ?棘 ?勻筠??克逵劇龜” (“Pasta with crickets from Thailand”)
February 16, 2016

Gourmet Urbano (Venezuela)

Gourmet UrbanoARTICLE:
“Pasta elaborada con harina de grillos”
March 14, 2016

The Kitchen Sentido (Spain)

Kitchen Sentido (media) on Cricket Pasta혻ARTICLE:
“Pasta elaborada con harina de grillos”
March 21, 2016

Sky TG 24 (Italy)

Sky 24 Italia on Cricket Pasta
“Dall’orto digitale alla stampante per il cibo a Milano si mangia tech”
May 9, 2016

Bangkok Post (Thailand)

“Crunch time for the insect industry”
June 12, 2016

Wise Society (Italia)

“Il cibo del futuro: ecco come mangeremo secondo Seeds and Chips”

May 16, 2016


links and mentions

Prague TV – Where to Taste Bugs in Prague, by Olena Kagui – Prague.TV – 30 Jan 2016

Natural Product Insider – Week in Review

Microsoft NetworkLifeStyle

The needs cool things

Gastronomia & Cia (ES) – Pasta elaborada con harina de grillos

El Norte (MX)Enriquecen pasta con grillos

CON.CA – Cricket Pasta

Herald ScotlandEating bugs may be a giant leap for mankind – 22 Feb 2016

MissoulianFlash in the Pan: Get your bug on without buggin’ out – 8 Mar 2016

Monterey County WeeklyWe eat lots and lots of insects, which is a very good thing – 17 Mar 2016

Tech Fod MagazineM찼s de 200 startups FoodTech de los cinco continentes se reunen en Seeds&Chips16 – 20 May 2016

Rivista StudioMangiare insetti – July 7

Food+Tech Connect –혻Dining on the Future of Protein – July 18

El Diario –혻Insectos comestibles, una industria de futuro que lidera Tailandia – August혻21

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